Beyoncé rents a bike from Phoenix Park Bike Hire!

Hi there, and thank you for logging on to our website.

We offer a very simple but professional bike hire & rental service.

Our bikes are all, 'Giant', made in Holland, and in perfect mechanical order. We have a range from kiddies bikes, to ladies mountain bikes, hybrids, tag-alongs, baby seat, baby carriers, all the way to carbon fibre racing bikes, (for the more hard core of you out there).

Drop by our base at the entrance to the Phoenix Park and one of our crew will look after you. Or alternatively if you would like to book a few bikes ring us at the number below and we will reserve them for you. We would ask you though, if you say you'll take a bike or bikes at a certain time, please try and be there at that time.... Or if you know you are going to be late give us a call and let us know.

So there you have it. Thanks to all the thousands of people who have rented bikes from us since we started two years ago. And to our regulars, we going to have those, 'cool regular punter' cards available very soon.

We are located literally on the CityTour bus route at Stop 16, so check us out as you pass by on the bus!

To book a bike, telephone 086-26 56 258
or email

Come and explore the new cycle friendly Park.
20km of cycle paths, and half the main road is closed to cars every weekend!